Never suffer from bad eyebrows again


So I was having an eyebrow moment in the restroom at the office. Let me elaborate, I had erased both eyebrows and was well on my way to drawing them on again. My colleague saw that I was slowly getting to an ‘I cannot come and go and kill myself place’ and we had an eyebrow struggle conversation. Yes a conversation about drawing eyebrows!

Never suffer from bad eyebrows again
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Someone was actually thinking like me !! I was just glad I wasn’t a lone ranger with my eye brow woes. It can be such a struggle to get the perfect eyebrow, from trying to get the perfect arch to cleaning it just right with a concealer. My eyebrows probably take half of my make up time and that’s putting it lightly, because sometimes it could take all of the make up time that I don’t have *rolls eyes*

Never suffer from bad eyebrows again
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My usual ingredients are an eyebrow pencil, an angled brush, a spoolie brush and concealer. Here’s how I achieve my brows, they may not be perfect but they work.

  • I think that the best way to start is to brush the eyebrows upwards.
  • With an eyebrow pencil {I usually use Davis in colour 18} I outline the bottom part  of the eyebrow.
  • With my eyebrow pencil, I outline the top part of the eyebrow and fill in the eyebrows. I use my eye pencil to shade inside the brow, but brown eye shadow could work too.
  • I use a spoolie {This is a brush that looks like a mascara brush without the mascara of course} to brush the beginning of my brows. This will make the brows lighter at the beginning and much darker towards the middle and the end.
  • Finally I use my concealer with a angled brush to clean under and above the brows, and blend in.

    Never suffer from bad eyebrows again
    Photo Credit : Pinterest

It might be weird but I feel like my left brow is my favorite. Its always easier to draw lol. My right brow can be such a mess ugggh.

I found this post very helpful, you should totally check it out. Alternatively, if you’d rather watch a video, then check this video out and it’s not even up to four minutes long. Winning !

I’d love to know if your eyebrows occasionally give you the ‘I cannot come and go and kill myself feeling’. How do you draw your brows ? Do you have any quick tips to getting the perfect eyebrow ? Do you have a favorite brow ? Let me know in the comment section ! Thank you 🙂


7 ways to style culottes

I remember thinking how weird culottes looked the first time I saw them. Fast forward to 2018 and I think they’re really chic and versatile. Raise your hands if you’re like me so ! Lol. You just need to know how to style them so you’re not stuck. Literally.

They’re just one of those 70s trends that have refused to stay in the 70s. Culottes were usually fitted and ended just below the knee with a buckle or button. Now they’re usually loose and hang just below the knee, but can be also be shorter or longer. The thing about culottes is they’re pants that look like a skirt, which feels like wearing both at the same time.

Even though they’re really comfy they might seem hard to style because they’re not as common as regular pants. Because I love you so much I’ll be sharing different ways you could wear them, maybe you can finally buy one and thank me later 🙂

  • With your favorite slogan tee
  • With a camisole
  • With a buttoned down shirt
  • With a turtleneck
  • With a boxy top or blouse

I paired my pleated culottes with an off shoulder top. I accessorised with a nude courts, a black clutch and sunglasses. The culottes were so comfortable, they felt like a skirt.

7 ways to style culottes

7 ways to style culottes

You should remember these when you’re styling culottes;

  • Tucking in is very flattering with culottes because this shows the shape of the culottes, and shows off your waist.
  • Pairing with heels will make your legs look longer, and make you look taller and slimmer.
  • Culottes highlight your ankles and feet, so this might be the perfect time to rock your favourite heels.

7 ways to style culottes7 ways to style culottes7 ways to style culottes

I’d love to know what you think about culottes though. Have you made up your mind about culottes ? Do you own culottes ? How do you like to style them ?

Top │Love

Culottes │ Online store Here

Heels │ Zara

Clutch │ Random store

Glasses │ Online store Here

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See you soon.

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What to love about the 90’s inspired tiny sunglasses trend

What to love about the 90's inspired tiny sunglasses trend V

I’m sure you’ve seen these 90s-inspired tiny sunglasses everywhere, yes those really tiny glasses. I hope you love them like I do, because they turn any look from drab to fab. I thought to spill the plug on where you can get these kind of shades, I mean the sun has decided to get hotter, so we might as well slay in these super sexy glasses.

While we’re looking at sunglasses, you might wanna figure out the shape of your face so that you’ll be buying that shades that’ll enhance your best facial features.

What to love about the 90's inspired tiny sunglasses trend V

More often than not, I buy my stuff on the gram cause its super convenient. If you’re like me, you might wanna check out these online shops. I try to stick to a budget, so this means I usually do a comparison before I decide which store to buy from. Their sunglasses range from 1,500 naira to 3,500 naira exclusive of delivery.

@haute.signatures : They’re a budget fashion accessory company, so they also sell other kind of accessories. This means that you have a wide range of options to choose from. Plus they give discounts when you buy three or more 🙂 You’re welcome

@shopenkay : They’re a thrift store and fashion boutique in one, and they have these tiny sunglasses in really fancy colors, maybe you should check them out and see what I mean.

@shop.neen : They’re all about affordable eye-wear fashion, and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here. Here’s a plus, they offer free delivery to University of Lagos.

@shop.tti : They’re into eye wear and jewelry and you’ll probably spend a significant amount of time on their page. Even if you don’t find sunglasses that you like, you’ll get stuck on their gorgeous earrings.

@shopthoniabankz : They’re into classy eye-wear and unique accessories so there’s every reason to check them out. Thank me later 🙂

Let me know if you’re into this trend like I am.

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Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide

I’ve wanted to own fishnets since I can remember and I still don’t know how it took me this long. Even though they’re practically fish nets sewn into stockings, there’s every reason to try them out, they’re so chic and attractive.

They’re mostly worn under ripped jeans, but there’s too many other ways to wear them.

  • You can start with the ankles and wear them as socks

Socks are functional most of the time because you’re trying to get away from the cold or trying to run away from insect bites. Fishnets are quite not the same and will switch up your look in a matter of minutes. Wear them with vans or courts , just make sure the jeans are cropped or rolled up so you can show them off.

  • Maybe wear them with denim

Make your look edgy with fishnet stockings, as far as they’re obvious. You could roll up the hem of your jeans so they’re visible, wear them underneath distressed denim, or show off your stomach with a cropped top.

  • You can wear them with shorts too

If you’re into shorts, why not pair them with denim shorts rolled at the hem, an over-sized round-neck and vans.

  • Skirts are not left out

Fortunately for us, mini skirts and long skirts with side slits are equally great with fishnets. For a mini, a long-sleeved sweater would be such an edgy look to try, if you’d rather wear them with a longer skirt pair with a sophisticated top like a long-sleeved shirt.

Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide
Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide
Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide
Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide

I styled my fishnets with a stripped three-quarter sleeve shirt and a denim skirt. I accessorized with a fedora, sling bag and courts.

Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide
Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide
Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide
Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide

I think fishnets are the ultimate sultry accessory, I’d love to know what you think though. Please leave a comment ! Thank you.


Skirt│ Here


Heels│ Random buy

Fedora │Random buy

Sling bag│Gifted

Handcandy │ Random buy

Photo credit │ @tpofficial_

AFRICAN CREATIVE EXHIBITION AND AWARDS 2018: What to Expect at the Second Edition

Creative MSMEs have invaded Nigeria and we certainly are not complaining.

In 2016, it became apparent that Nigeria was an import driven nation and that was how the “Buy Naija to the grow Naira” came to be.

However, various sects of the economy are realising that for Nigeria to diversify and become an export driven nation, the beam light falls on MSMEs.

A fresh year is on the calendar and it is almost time for the second edition of the annual African Creative Exhibition and Awards (termed ACE Awards) hosted by Bellafricana. It brings to Lagos the best creative minds in the fields of Art and Craft, Fashion, Manufacturing, Beauty, Food Produce and so much more.

The Awards is an initiative of Bellafricana, a platform with a focus on Afrocentric Made-in-Nigeria (Africa) Non-oil products development where customers and suppliers engage and transact to bridge the buyer-seller gap and create a wider outreach for Nigerian (African) products locally & globally.

Micro, small and medium-size businesses nationwide produce a great deal of outstanding products, yet these creative business owners aren’t encouraged to innovate and create more.

Bukky Asehinde, Managing Director at Bellafricana says “Everyone likes a pat on the back when they have done something good. Our mission for the ACE Awards is to give these Creative Businesses a platform to receive the recognition they have long deserved”

ACE AWARDS 2018 is themed “Creativity and Innovation in Nation Building” and is scheduled to hold on Saturday, April 28, 2018 by 9:00am at D-Venue, Water Corporation Drive, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria.

The event is looking to attract over 6,000 attendees, 70 exhibitors, 15 Awardees and 8 Speakers.

It is endorsed by the Lagos State Government, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC), Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Nigeria-Britain Association and will offer participants a unique opportunity to showcase their talents and to have their work judged by consumers and experts.

This Annual African Creative Exhibition and Awards (ACE Awards) aims to laud the creative works of Nigerians (Africans) and is certainly one of the strongest tools in awakening creative, innovative and entrepreneurship drive in young people in Nigeria and indeed Africa.

ACE Awards 2018 has also received backings from the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and supported by other organisations such as Sovereign Guards, Digital Marketing Skill Institute, DODO Agency, Noah’s Ark, Labule, Swift, Uber, ASSETS, Lara Rose, Bella Naija, The Guardian, Inside Watch Africa, Metro Woman, Pulse Nigeria, Connect Nigeria,, The Entrepreneur Africa, Africa on Rise, BEN TV, NTA, Lost in Lagos, Farabale, DHL, Boulos, Mamahz model and much more.

This will be a three phase event in which two (Exhibition and Conference) of the phases will run simultaneously while the third phase (Awards Dinner) will be held as the peak of the event.


Theme:“Celebrating Creativity and Innovation”

Conference Theme:“Creativity and Innovation in Nation Building”

Date: April 28, 2018

Venue: DVenue, Water Corporation Drive, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria.

Time for Exhibition: 10 – 4pm

Time for Awards Dinner: 5 – 9pm

To see the official top 3 Nominees List for ACE Awards 2018: Click here

For partnership and sponsorship details, please contact the organisers;

Call: +2348086363970,

Why V necks should stay in your closet !

Why V necks should stay in your closet !

Even though most of the time we’re trying to catch up with trends, we cannot forget one wardrobe staple everyone owns – a V neck !

V necks might be an unpopular choice, but you probably have one in your wardrobe. Yeah, those shirts with necklines shaped like a V. Without giving the neckline so much thought, you might have gotten a V neck because of how lovely you thought the print was, at least I know that’s what happened the V neck I’m styling in this post.

Why V necks should stay in your closet !

Firstly, V necks give the illusion that your face is longer and angular. I mean who wouldn’t want that ?

People with round or square faces will probably look better in a V neck because it will make their face look oval or angular. However people with diamond or angular faces will risk making their faces look longer.

Why V necks should stay in your closet !
Why V necks should stay in your closet !

V necks can be dressed up or down, depending on what the occasion is. Its great that these tees can be worn by guys too, this is such a valid reason to shop in the guys section.

V necks can be layered, worn as inner wear, with a jacket or a sweater.


V necks can be worn casually with denim and sneakers or ballerina flats.


V necks can be made work appropriate paired with a blazer, black pants / pencil skirt and black courts.


Accessorize with a necklace that ends mid chest and is lower than the point where the V meets.

Why V necks should stay in your closet !Why V necks should stay in your closet !

I paired my stripped V neck with my favorite mini denim skirt and neon mules. I accessorized with hand candy, clear nerd glasses and a black clutch.

Even though we all have our preferences, having tees with different necklines will give you a lot of styles to choose from.

I’d love to read your thoughts on this look. How would you rock this V necked tee ? Do you prefer round necked tees to V necked tees ? Do you have any V necked tee ? Please leave a comment. Thank you !

Image Source : Pinterest

V neck tee│Here

Denim skirt│Here

Heels │ Asos

Clutch│ Random buy

Nerd glasses │Here

Handcandy │ Random buy

Photo credit │ @dare_oguns

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How my birthday will make me a better person. 

Its my birthday today !!!! Still haven’t figured out how I’m supposed to feel on birthdays.

I used to be really psyched about my birthdays when I was much younger, but lately it just feels like I’m a year closer to leaving earth. I feel way too old and unsure about living and where I’d like to be.

I had a somewhat deep conversation with a friend and I thought to share what I’ve learnt about myself and what I’ll be doing to become a better being.

Maybe you might learn a thing or two;


I will worry about necessary and unnecessary issues. And then I’ll wear a long face like the world is on my shoulders. Worry never helps and it just drains the little bit of happiness I have. I’ve decided to let go of things I cannot influence and do something about things I have control over.


I’m the only one with the power to make myself happy. End of story. But really, I’ve come to discover that my happiness depends on a situation or a person. No one should have that kind of power over me, and I’m taking back my happy. Boy bye ! I will intentionally smile more often and think of happy places. That should work.


This is so deep-rooted, I’m sure ill need extra effort with it. This makes me think of the awful things that an action could cause before the amazing things this same action could cause. I’ll have a ‘what’s the worst thing that could happen’ approach to stuff. Hopefully I’ll be bolder and be willing to take risks.

People Pleasing. 

I usually find myself trying to be another person to feel accepted. This happens unconsciously and then it starts to feel like I’m trying too hard. In the end there’s only one version of me so I might as well try to be a better person.

Inner circle. 

Life is already hard as it is, and then there’s traffic if you live in Lagos. I will only stay with friends that push me and want to see me progress.

I’ll love myself some more, give myself space to grow and enjoy my journey.

Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with any of these issues ? Do you feel like me sometimes ?

Please leave a comment ! It’ll be awesome to know I’m not alone in this.

Thank you 🙂

With love,