Mustard Yellow || For the love of colour 

Hi guys,

How are you doing ?

I’ve been struggling with my emotions lately, I can’t say I’m doing a good job, but at least I’m trying.

So it was a holiday, and I thought it was a chance to get some pictures for the blog.

I’m wearing mustard yellow , and i feel like no one can look bad in that color. It’s a like a gift to the color wheel.

So here’s what I looked like

i was actually scared of entering the keke, cause the driver was nowhere in sight

I would have worn toms, but I was so far gone before I remembered that they would have been perfect.

How would you have styled a mustard yellow tee ? Would you have tucked in your tee ?

Please drop a comment. I’d love to read your thoughts.

Fedora | Random Buy

Top | Atmosphere

Shorts | Thrifted

Belt | Thrifted

Sandals | H & M

Bag | Thrifted

Hand candy | Random Buys
See you soon



12 thoughts on “Mustard Yellow || For the love of colour 

  1. Hi benita!

    I would have rocked mine just the way u rocked it. Not forgetting my Toms tho😉.

    The fedora complements the outfit a lot…… What wld life be without it😍😍……..


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