NYFW 2016|| StreetStyle

Hey guys,

How are you today ?

I hope y’all are living life.

I have street style scoop from the NYFW, and I’m itching to share this goodness with you.

One wardrobe must have I’m currently obsessing over is the oversized shirt. I mean you could cop one, obtain one from the significant other or an older sibling and you’re fine. 

With the versatility that comes with an oversized shirt, you could alter the way you rock it and nail whatever look you’re going for. 

We’ll begin with my favorite look;

as an off shoulder : you’ll need to leave your top buttons unbuttoned, let the collar fall around your shoulders and you’re off 

source : Tim Regas / @wheresmydriver
source: Tim Regas / @wheresmydriver
source : tim regas / wheresmydriver
the half tuck : here you tuck in half of the shirt

source : tim regas / @wheresmydriver
source : http://www.popsugar.com
source : tim regas / wheresmydriver
source : http://www.popsugar.com
 maybe you’re a full tuck fan 
source : imaxtree / vincenzo grillo
source : imaxtree / vincenzo grillo
source : getty / christian vierig

or you like to roll your sleeves up, just like me {side eye}

on the reverse side 

source : imax tree / vincenzo grillo

you might wanna rock it as a stand alone, more like a shirt dress

source : http://www.popsugar.com

with a vest or camisole

source : angela datre
source : http://www.popsugar.com
source : imaxtree / vicenzo grillo

I’m totally digging the off shoulder and the half tuck look. I hope you noticed the mixed prints in some of the pictures. 

How would you rock your oversized shirt ? Which look is your favorite ? 

Let me know.

I’d love to read your thoughts.

With love,



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