Totally Grey || Like a boy

Heyy guys,

How are you doing ? 

I hope this weather is treating you well. 

I’m listening to Charlie Puth’s we don’t talk anymore, and i feel like this should be the sound track to my life right now.

Moving on…

My tomboy trait is dominant and I’ve learnt to accept it.

Sleeves are rolled, as they should be. They’re my favorite thing to do with sleeves. 

My outfits don’t feel complete when they aren’t tucked in, it’s like a default setting to be honest.

these loafers stay giving me life

How would you have rocked this outfit ? Would you have tucked in your tee ? What are these loafers doing to you ?

Please drop a comment. I’d love to read your thoughts.

Tee | Oakbridge

Pants | Random Buy

Loafers | Thrifted

Fedora | Random Buy

Hand Candy | Mostly Thrifted

See you soon.

With love,



8 thoughts on “Totally Grey || Like a boy

  1. I love your entire look. From the hat to the shoes.
    Everything has a really good blend. I also hate not having to tuck in my shirt. I usually always do


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