OOTD || The Shift Dress

Heyyy guyysss,

How are you doing ? 

I’ve had better days, but I’ll live. 

So here’s why we’re here…… insert drum roll…… the shift dress.

The shift dress is an uncomplicated looking dress that ends somewhere around the knee. 

It’s short, mostly sleeveless and hangs from the shoulders. 

Traditionally, shift dresses tend to feature little detail, so they hide the curves rather than cling to them. They’re also very slimming and comfortable. 

The shift dress is a versatile and convenient wardrobe staple, plus it’s almost always appropriate.

I attended a naming ceremony, and I wore a dress, and yes it was a shift dress. Hello captain obvious. 

Here’s what I looked like ; 

I thought the beret would be an excellent twist to the outfit. 

How would you have styled your shift dress ? What accessories would you style your shift dress with ? 

Let me know what you think. I’d love to read your thoughts. 

Beret | Random Buy

Dress | Twelve By Twelve

Mules | Asos 

Bag | Zara

See you soon.

With love,


6 thoughts on “OOTD || The Shift Dress

    1. Thank you so much Cassie. I thought that the beret would give the dress an edgy vibe. I’ll be sure to check your post out. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Honestly you look real good. And I can see you’re trying to bring berets back (or are they back? )
    Shift dresses ain’t so tacky looking I must say


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