OOTD || The Black Dress  

Heyyyy guyysss,

How are y’all doing ?

I had a training at work and I thought I’d dump my work clothes.

It’s been such a mini vacay for me. 

We should have more training sessions to be honest. 

I need to get home early more often, just so I can catch up with Hush on Afmag, and sleep early of course. 

I’m wearing this dress I got a while ago, and denim. I thought it was gonna be cold and I figured a jacket would be appropriate. 

ignore the frown lines please

Denim is forever a good idea. Looking forward to styling this jacket in so many other ways. 

i’m pretty sure i wasn’t sleeping…believe me
this beret love is too real guyss

peep my tiny badge…thank you Daniel

I actually just realised how awkward my standing positions are. I really need to get a hang of this thing.
still not sleeping

Dara and her perfect brows
Thank you Dara for the pictures. 

How would you style a black dress guys ? 

Let me know what you think ? I’d love to read your thoughts. 

Beret | Random Buy

Dress | Mr Price

Denim | H & M

Badge | Gifted 

Mules | Chinese laundry

Denim x Mules | @thethriftstoreng

See you soon guys. 

With love,



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