The Skater Slayy

Hello darlings,

How are you doing ?

I’m listening to this Reminisce x Mr Eazi track and my ears simply can’t get enough. Life is Eazi guys. 

I’ve basically had a hair struggle for the better part of my life, hoping for it to get longer and I used to hate baring my hair out because of its length. 

Look who doesn’t care anymore…Yours truly. 

Slaying in a skater dress today guyss : 

A skater dress is basically an A-line dress with a little more flare. It’s well-fitted on the upper portion of the body, and falls beautifully around the lower part of the body. The skater dress has a slimming effect which makes it an all time favorite. 

Let me just say that these courts are way up on my most loved possessions, just because they’re white and they’re court shoes.  

As you were… 

How would you rock a black skater ? How you rock white courts ?

Let me know what you think guys. It would be awesome to read your thoughts. 

Shades | Random Buy

Hand candy | Random Buy 

Dress | Lucy wang 

Courts | Atmosphere 

See you soon guys.

With love,



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