Vintage Vibes || The Mom Jeans

I might need to borrow my mum’s jeans. Lol. Never thought I’d say that. 

Obviously mum knows best, cause the mom jean is all sorts of popping right now. 

I absolutely love how they can be dressed up or down. 


I’m dressing them down in brogues and a crop top. 

I think that the trick to rocking these comfy and sometimes bogus jeans is in the styling. 

I tried carving out the shape of my body by showing off my waist. Doesn’t look like I made much progress, but I digress. 

They usually look best rolled at the bottom, plus I get to show off my ankles.

I wore a crop top to balance out the usual bulkiness the jeans bring to the whole outfit. 

How would you style your mom jeans ?

Top | Thrifted

Jean | Retroreligion 

Brogues | Dunnes

Bag | Thrifted

Hand candy | Random buy 

Ring | Random buy

Let me know what you think guys. I’d love to read your thoughts. 

See you soon. 

With love,



One thought on “Vintage Vibes || The Mom Jeans

  1. Hi beez

    I am def. Getting those mom jeans out of my box. Who knew they cld be this useful. I will b rocking mine with a turtle neck😍 crop top and brogues of course 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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