Shades of Blue 

Hey hey,

Long time no post eh.

Accept my apologies.

Guess who looks like the puppy from the 90s Nickolodeon cartoon series, Blues Clues… Yours sincerely.

He had blue spots and was always trying to figure something out. Please tell me you remember him.

My week has been a legit struggle… looking forward to that leave.

I was out to hang with a friend and I thought pictures would be appropriate. 

I’m starting to look like blue is my favorite colour but it really isn’t. Believe me.

I’m rocking different shades of blue today, even the backdrop I found happened to be blue too.

I’m wearing a floral chiffon top, skort and mules. I believe skorts are shorts made to look like a skirt.

I’ll be sure to get a better view the next time I rock it.

Still suck at this picture taking thing. 

Somebody help ‘in Kid cudi’s voice’…yes the blame game track. Its alright if you have no idea who he is. I’m somehow anyways.

How would you rock skorts ? What would you do with an almost all blue outfit ?

Let me know guys. I’d love to read your thoughts.

Shirt | Mr Price

Skort | Thrifted

Mules | @thethriftstoreng

Bag | Zara

Hand Candy | Random Buy

Glasses | @vintageweare

See you soon guys.

With love,




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