Naive Neutrals

Hello Humans,

Greetings from planet ‘insert planet name’. LOL

How are you guys doing ?

I hear the holidays are near. Do you have any plans ?

Been so busy with not living. This adult life thing is such a struggle.

Currently vibin to the Reminisce x Mr Eazi’s If e no b god track. My ears are in love, basically.

So here’s why we’re here……’insert drum roll’ Outfit details 

I’m legit looking for locations to take crazy ass pictures…any suggestions ? 

I’ve had this dress since like forever, don’t even remember buying it…yes it’s a dress, which i’m wearing as an off shoulder top.

You wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell you…don’t even bother :p

Skirt was gifted..thank you Fran…and I don’t even know what fabric its made of.

I seem to be rocking my clothes from way back. I know you have some stuff in your wardrobe you haven’t worn in months, sorta means you can relate. 

Let me know your thoughts guys. I’d love to read them.

Dress |Thrifted

Skirt | Gifted 

Shoes | Zara

Hand Candy | Random Buy

See you soonish.

With love,



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