Vintage Vogue

Hey lovelies,

What’s the last month of the year looking like for you ?

Going to resume at work soon. 

I really hope I can keep up with this space. Cause work is so much work. 

Moving right along. 

I fell I love with Burna Boy’s 2012 like to party video. Fyi Burna Boy’s a Nigerian Reggae Dancehall singer. 

That was the first time vintage caught my attention and the love has been lit ever since.

I thought to style a vintage piece with some Burna type shades I saw that in the video too. 

Pretty cool huh? I thought so too. 

I’m such a vintage lover and I invested in some retro pieces. Yes it’s an investment. Forget what you heard. 


Such a sucker for vintage. 

How would you rock vintage ? Let me know your thoughts guys. 

Shirt | @vintageweare

Denim | Aphrodite

Glasses | Random Buy

Toms | Gifted

Bag | Aldo

Fedora | Random buy

Hand candy | Random buy

See you soon. 

With love. 



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