The Charity 2016

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The Charity is an initiative of the Executives Initiatives, an NGO passionate about youth and community development in Nigeria. They organise a yearly Christmas Prjoect ‘The Charity’ which has been running for the past three years  and they decided to visit the Makoko Community this year.

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I offered to volunteer cause I thought it would be awesome to.

Please hit me up if you need volunteers for anything of this sort.

We got to Erejuwa, Makoko just before 11. There was face painting, toy making, plenty of food stuff and clothes to give out.

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 Crowd control was such a struggle, but I feel like it was worth it in the end.

Checking to see if the clothes would fit. 


The queues for clothes and everything else were so lengthy, almost never ending. 

Food stuff to give out 

Neighborhood we visited. 

Too grateful to have been a part of this. It was amazing. 

How did you spend Boxing Day guys ? Unwrap any Christmas gifts ? I know I didn’t.


See you soon guys.

With love,





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