The Tulle Turnup. 

Hey guys,

Happy new year.

I hope you have a very sexy year ahead.  

Just not as psyched as everyone else seems to be about the new year. No I’m not a kill joy. 

Anyhoo. This tulle skirt was on sale at twenty six and I had dreams about how perfect it would be on me. 

Even though the account balance couldn’t take me on a vacation, the least it could do was get me a tulle. 

Lol. So here we are. 

I thought it would be perfect with this play suit I’ve had for months, but I’ve never worn. Yes I think we all have clothes like that. Please tell me you can relate. 

I wore it as a top tucked into the skirt with this greenish shoes. I’m not sure what shade they are, but there’s some green in there somewhere.


I paired it with this bag I obtained from my mum and this brown slim belt I got a while ago. I also thought to drop the sleeves for a bit. 

I would wear this to hang with friends. Or to church. Or maybe a dinner date. 

How would you rock a tulle ? What’s your to go colour to add spice to an outfit ? 

I’d love to read your thoughts. That sorta means I’m anticipating comments. 

Thank you xx

Playsuit | Love

Tulle skirt |

Heels | Next

Bag | Thrifted

Slim belt | Thrifted 

See you soon. 

With love,



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