The Satin Slip

Hey guys, 

Currently drafting this post with The Weeknd’s I feel it coming on repeat. Such a tune. 

How have the first fourteen days of the year been for you ? It’s the fourteenth already. I know right. When did we get here ? 

Goons are already broke from all the Christmas spending. Patiently waiting for that alert. Sigh. 

Anyhoo, so why we’re really here *insert drum roll* 

The slip dress.

I think that attempting to strut in this lingerie inspired look demands a healthy dose of confidence. It’s only normal since wearing underwear as outerwear is such a daring decision. 

While I was posing for pictures, I had to answer the isn’t that your nightwear you’re taking pictures in question. Lol.  Typical.  

I knew I had to jump on this trend. I absolutely admire how effortless this look is and how much confidence it exudes. 

I paired the slip dress with a blazer since the harmattan decided to show up again. Accessoried with a brown beret, a chain bag and these picture perfect mules. 

I imagined that the beret would add a bit of preppy to the look and I wasn’t far from the truth. What do you think ? 

I would totally wear this to date night with the significant other. I’m pretty sure everyone likes a bit of satin. 

Let me know your thoughts guys. 

I’d love to see how you style a slip dress. Anticipating pictures too. 

Photocredit : @_mnqobi__

Slip dress | Lagos Market

Blazer | Noble 

Mules | Asos

Bag | Thrifted

Beret | Mum’s 

Hand candy | Random Buy

See you soon guys. 

With love,



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