Of Straps and Denim 

Hey guys,

I hope you had an awesome week. I can’t categorically state that I did.  

January’s almost over guys. Just thought to leave that here. Been waiting on this since like forever. Not.  

I’d love to get closer to my creator this year. It’s been on my to do list since forever. Amongst the other things I have on that list. 

I think that this writing down stuff you wanna achieve is the truth. It’s almost always in your face so you see it and tend to remember it. 

I’ll be ranting about denim, again.  

I’m wearing a crop top, waist coat and these bad ass jeans.Yes they’re bad ass. Don’t ask me why.  

I really like how the top hangs and gives the whole outfit a laid back vibe. Plus it’s flowery and girlie too. 

I tried on the waist coat and I thought it was a hit back to back. I also thought a bit of black would do a lot of good to the whole ensemble. Especially since I felt like I had a lot of colours going on. 

I added some spice with my fancy badges and hand candy. Can’t go wrong with hand candy. I thought the pink bag would complement the top and that’s how it got in the mix.  

The perfect pair of denim is everything. I love how they can go from really casual to really serious and everything else in between. Too obsessed with denim. 

I had an omg moment with this sandals when I put them on and I knew they had to stay. 

I wore this to hang. I would also wear this to a Saturday chill or a get together. Or maybe throw on some flats to see a movie.  

Where would you wear this to ? How would you rock your denim ? You should share your thoughts.  

Photo credit : @_mnqobi__

Top | @retroaddicts

Waistcoat | Atmosphere

Badges | @shopekpo

Denim | @miskayboutique

Sandals | Atmosphere

Bag | Mr Price

Hand candy | Gifted x Random buy

Thanks for sticking around guys.

See you soon.   

With love,



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