Tapered Trousers  

Hey guys,

Happy new month. 

I’m sorry it’s been too long, but life happens.

Tapered pants are such a fun kind of pants. Usually not tight fitting, they’re free at the top and narrower towards the ankle. 

Sorta like the mum jeans, they’re a little baggy which means they’re comfortable and would do no harm to your stomach and thighs. Plus the cropped length lets you shows off your shoes. Cool huh? I know. 

This cropped shirt is in my favorite shade of green, paired with these pants seemed like the absolute union. And then I thought of the ivory clutch and heels and yeah, that was it. 

I’ll advise the full tuck when tapered pants are worn, being that you’d like to show off the pants. Plus you get to achieve the perfect tuck, the kind that doesn’t bulge out in your pants. 

Heeled courts or sandals would work to even out the mix, paired with slight accessories. 

I’d love to read your thoughts. 

Photo credit : @_mnqobi_

Shirt | Thrifted

Pants | Forever 21

Clutch | Random Buy

Shoes | Zara 

See you soon. 

With love,



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