Styling a white shift dress

A shift dress should be comfortable and figure flattering. When you add white to the mix, you just might be able to eat your cake and have it.  

Shift dresses are an extremely versatile piece of clothing. From weekend chills to work or cocktail parties, which ever works for you. 

They can be worn with footwear from sandals, sneakers to court shoes and fancy heels. 

I styled this white beauty with these back and white court shoes. I added this gold beaded clutch to give a chic vibe. 

This would work for a date. A change of footwear and purse and it’ll be just right to hang at the movies, or maybe a shower. 

You might wanna look for dresses that are slightly tailored, so it’s not too tight or too loose.

Jewelry should be minimal, even though strong pieces like a cuff would work. You wouldn’t wanna distract everyone else from the awesomeness of that shift dress. 

these court shoes stay giving me life
Dress it up with a scarf, jacket or a belt. Whichever you prefer.

Shift dresses usually keep it short and sweet. They’re perfect because the fabric isn’t clingy and lets you move freely in them.

Let me know how you’d rock your shift dress.  

Photo credit : @_mnqobi_

Dress | Lagos market

Courts | Atmosphere 

Purse | Lagos market 

See you soon. 

With love,



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