That pencil skirt.  

Hey lovelies,

How was this past week for you ? I don’t have words for how my week turned out.

I thought to rant about pencil skirts today.

Pencil skirts suit most body shapes, you just need to figure out how to style it. That’s where I come in. Whatever your body type is, a pencil skirt will flatter your figure.  Pencil skirts can be worn with a variety of blouses, shirts and blazers.

I paired a blue and pink floral sleeveless blouse with this red pencil skirt. I tried this skirt with different colors but it felt like magic when I paired it with this blouse. I accessoried with ivory heels, a black bag and some hand candy.

I’ll be sharing some tips on rocking that pencil skirt in your wardrobe;

  • You can pair solid colored pencil skirts with textured or patterned blouses like I did.
  • You can try bold patterned blouses if your bottom half is slim, it sorta adds some illusion to your curves.

  • Tucking in your blouse defines your waist.
  • Tucking in a simple tee into your pencil skirt with sneakers would be an  effortlessly stylish look.

  • If you want to achieve an hourglass figure, you could use a belt – the belt colour should be darker than your top and skirt, or maybe wear a peplum top.

How would you style your pencil skirt ? Would you consider getting a pencil skirt in colour red ?

Thank you for your time.

I’d love to read your thoughts.

Photo credit : @_mnqobi_

Blouse | Mr Price

Skirt | Random buy

Bag | Thrifted

Courts | Zara

Hand candy | Random buy

See you soon.


With love,



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