Styling a Floral Dress

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I was in awe of this dress when I first put it on, so I figured a post would be appropriate.

Floral dresses are very feminine and tend to be head turners on their own. The whole idea is to let the dress do the talking, just so you do not end up looking like a flowerpot.

Its worthy to note that the size of flowers on these dresses do a lot to the body type of the wearer. Larger flowers flatter petite body types, while smaller flowers flatter average to curvy body types.

Floral patterns with white backdrops and bright flowers like mine, help you hide those unpleasant bulges. Floral patterns with dark backdrops give the body a slim illusion. Generally, neutral colors like black, white, nude and silver work well with floral patterns.

You really want to accessorize with simple and subtle jewelry, I’m talking studs and maybe a thin chain. Runaway from statement jewelry so that you don’t distract attention from the dress.

Try not to wear floral print shoes. I feel like florals are best worn with neutral shoes, or you could pick one of the shades of the dress and match with the colour of your shoes, you should totally copy me lol. Hold up, here’s a thought, pair your dress with all black accessories maybe.

Your handbag should match the most prominent colour in your dress like mine did, or a basic neutral colour like black, white, nude or brown.

Belts are also attractive accessories for floral dresses. It needs to be really thin, and should be a colour in your dress. Alternatively if your dress is only two coloured you could use a totally different belt colour, like a red or blue belt paired with a white and black floral dress.

So here’s what  I did, I picked colours from my dress and had some fun with my clutch and heels. I didn’t use a belt but you definitely should. I’d love to see how you style your floral dress.

Thank you for keeping up, and you know I’d love to read your thoughts.

Photo credit : @_mnqobi_

Dress | Alyx

Clutch | Mum’s

Heels | Atmosphere

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