Styling an oversized shirt 

Hey guys,

How are you going to be chilling these holiday ? I’ll be asleep for most of the day. 

How’s your life been like ? 

I hope all is well with you and yours. 


Slipping an oversized button down shirt under a skater skirt wasn’t such a hard guess. I feel like the skirt further highlights my waist and makes the shirt look slim in the right place.  

The shirt can be fully tucked in like I did, or tucked in half way. Maybe worn on its own without a skirt, you decide. 

I styled this oversized button down shirt I got from my dad, paired with this skater skirt in school girl pleats covered in bows. I finished up the look with my heeled sandals, an inner bag from a much bigger shopper bag and hand candy. 

I’m in love with the pale blue colour of this shirt and how comfortable it is. Plus oversized shirts are so comfy and give a certain type of vibe especially with rolled sleeves.  

How would you wear an oversized button down shirt ? 

I’d love to know your thoughts. 

Shirt | Gifted

Skirt | Mr Price

Heels | Atmosphere

Bag | Zara

Hand candy | Random buy

Photo credit : @_mnqobi_

See you soon. 

With love,



14 thoughts on “Styling an oversized shirt 

  1. So I love skater skirt, most cos it’s v short, perv right! I know 😊
    I gifted someone a skater skirt long time ago but I never saw her wear it …anyways, u rocked the outfit bee❤, Good Job😚

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