All Black Everything. 

I think that we can all agree that an all black outfit will forever be a hit. It’s such a go to colour, just because you can rock it on one of those ‘omg what do i wear today’ days and still slay.

It’s synonymous with bereavement, but it’s such a dope slimming colour I think that it deserves more credit.

I’ve been MIA and I apologise. My heart was always here, but this life thing sorta happens. Even though I hope I’ll be here for much longer this time.

Still ranting about this all black outfit I have on. I think that this black turtleneck is just divine. Its one of those hand me downs you’re undecided about, but then you try it and the rest is history. Its such a perfect fit, I’m not sure how my mum thought she was going to wear it alone. *side eye*

It’s plain and has this really nice thing going on with the sleeves. I’m yet to understand it too. The trick is to play with the textures and fabric. 

I paired it with this black work mini, a black and gold clutch, and some hand candy of course. And it was magic, it felt like it anyways. With butterflies and stuff.

Let me know what you think though. Is an all black outfit something you’d totally rock ?

Thank you for sticking around. You all are so wonderful.

Top | Thrifted

Skirt | Lagos Market

Heels | Atmosphere

Clutch | Mum’s

Photo credit : @_mnqobi_

See you soon.

With love,




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