Month X : October

I’m not sure if this will be a thing now, but I thought to write down how October made me feel. It was only right since I already had a rant session with myself on how the decisions I’ve made lately are affecting my very existence. Here goes ;

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The role switch

I just switched job roles and I was ecstatic I think but now I don’t feel the same way anymore. Its somewhat apathetic for me now, and this doesn’t feel right. I should feel better, I’ve regained my sanity to a significant extent and I have more time to myself. But here’s the plot twist, I don’t know If I’m having a hard time dealing with change or I haven’t given myself enough time to adapt. Meeting new people, learning and doing new things, Its all so scary ! Like I’m scared, I kid you not I’m hopeful It’ll get much better with time but till then, we wallow.

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The role switch induced a location switch too. Damn, Its such a struggle to live on the Mainland and work on the Island.   Traffic usually ranges from sixty minutes thats an hour on a good day to maybe two hours, or three hours on a bad dayy. Its unsafe most of the time with the incessant robberies and the ember period we’ve got going on now. Mans are just trying to be safe out here. It could get so bad I feel sleepy and I have to find water to pour on my face or look for pure bliss It’s this cocoa biscuit that I’m probably obsessed with now, you need to try it to help me through the torture. It’ll take some getting use to, but I’ll definitely make it there.

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You guys how do you effectively communicate with your significant other without sounding needy or needy raised to power two ? Especially if you’re a female like me. I need tips abeg ! No one is really a mind reader so I don’t think Its rational to expect the other party to figure out what’s going in your head till you make a conscious effort to talk about it. I doubt that I’m making any progress with talking about my emotions and how I’m feeling at different times. Its something I intend to do better at this month, talking more and trying to understand from another human’s perspective. We’re all different anyways.

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HashTag FitFam HashTag SummerBod 2018

Yes guys ! Team Summer Bod 2018 over here *inserts huge grin*. I’m trying to use the stairs more often, work out some more and basically stay fit. I might be a bit obsessed with my body and I’m trying to remain the way that I am. This one that I have the tendency to blow, Its not me and you. I’m not even giving that kind of tendency a chance…

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What I’m listening to

Just because I’m a music lover I’m inclined to list the tracks I’m currently gushing about. In no particular order;

  • Simi’s Joromi, I love everything about this song, makes you love love
  • Niniola’s Sickerr; Wooohooo ! Jam and a half !
  • Ladi Poe’s Are you down; This beat is literally everything and then he had Tiwa Savage on a verse !!! Such a tune
  • Adekunle Gold’s Call on me, Something about this jam makes you wanna move so bad… loveeee it
  • Falz’s La Fete, This guy spoke four languages in this song mahn… Its such a dope tune.
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Support System

The need for a support system cannot be overemphasized, like ride or die guys that basically live for you and themselves of course. You’re not allowed to be that selfish You need them ! Drops mic.


I’m hoping to communicate better, appreciate more and stay happy. Cause I mean life is too short, and all that stuff.

Till we meet again, more like till November ends and another episode is due.

Tell me your thoughts guys. How was October for you ? Do you have trouble sharing your thoughts sometimes ? How legit is your support system ? I have the best type that exists ! Hey Deez ♥



4 thoughts on “Month X : October

  1. October…left my previous and did not miss that place a bit (but the people there were just a part of my everyday life)… Changes jobs, roles, positions can be so scary, tasking and frustrating (if not patient).
    October was a good month for me but my biggest and scariest challenge came in November…i hope you wrote about November

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    1. Lol. I can imagine how the role switch felt, I can totally relate, I worked with the humans at my former role for three years, so It was a huge switch. Still not sure how I pulled through. Unfortunately, I didn’t write about November, maybe February’ll be very fun to write about.


  2. Hey Beez!

    My October was #eventful in every interpretation of it .

    Took off with you! On your role switch . That’s off the bucket list at least.

    Then I switched job roles too (to a more stressful one) .

    I had a wardrobe growth need in October tooooooo. I felt I had no clothes anymore most esp. the life ure giving me dez days with Bombass blog.

    I’m working on doz squats too with my anthem (this one ☝️’s for Beez )

    Let’s see what November has for us

    With love


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. Sorry about the stress in your new role. We’ll get through it together ! Haha I literally wake up everyday thinking I need new clothes. Forever TeamFitFam over here. Thank you for stopping by 💋


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