Styling a plain dress

Styling a plain dress

This dress was love at first sight. I strongly believe that phrase is only true with clothes, maybe shoes and bags too.

How are you guys doing though ? What do you want from November ? I want to go on a trip that I won’t have to pay for. So much for wishful thinking yeah

Styling a plain dress 

Styling a plain dress

Attempting to redirect your attention back to this dress which belongs to my mum. Its just that I can wear it like its mine now grin

I think this shade of green is really nice, and it has pockets yessss to pockets !!!. The length is just appropriate and its insanely plain.

Styling a plain dress

I thought to use accessories to even out the plain dress. I paired the dress with this gold choker I haven’t worn in months, delightful hand candy, this cute clutch and my favorite neon colored mules.

I think I came up with something aesthetically pleasing to the eyes ” “If I do say so myself”

Styling a plain dress

Styling a plain dress

When styling with accessories you might find these tips useful;

  • Pair bold coloured accessories with neutral dresses just like I did.
  • Pair neutral accessories with bold coloured dresses .
  • Pair subtle accessories with a patterned dress.
  • Pair long necklaces with shallow/crew necks.

Styling a plain dress

So tell me how do I look ?

How do you accessorize with plain coloured dresses ?

Comments are like chocolate muffins, just that they’re not edible Rolls eyes 

Dress | Thrifted

Shoes | Asos

Clutch | Random buy

Hand candy | Random buy

Photo credit | @blackboytom

See you soon.

With love,



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