How to wear boxy tops 

How to wear boxy tops

Boxy tops are cut in a box shape and give the upper body a square shape. They work for any occasion from the office to the weekends. These tops don’t give much of a feminine shape and usually just hang off your body, so we’ll need to pick out bottoms that balance the look.

How to wear boxy tops
How to wear boxy tops

I’m wearing a slightly cropped boxy top, black pearled high waisted mum jeans and white courts. I accessorised with this baker boy hat, my mum’s bag and hand candy.

How to wear boxy topsHow to wear boxy tops

While boxy tops look adorable with fitted bottoms, slouchier pants or jeans also make the look work. The trick is to highlight the waist. Here are some other ways you can wear them;

  • With a pencil skirt: for a feminine look, the slimness of the skirt will balance out the boxy top and will give you a look that will work for the office as well as night time.
  • With a pleated or full skirt: a boxy top with a full or pleated skirt will flatter straight body types. This skirt will add some volume to your bottom part and make you look curvier. Don’t we all want this?!
  • With straight legged pants or skinny jeans: pants like this define your waist and show off your curves.
  • With slouchy pants: if you think your top is a bit masculine, pair it with harem or jogger pants and it will contrast the boxy top and give you a very relaxed look.

How to wear boxy topsHow to wear boxy topsHow to wear boxy tops

Now that you’ve seen other ways to wear them, let me know how you’d style your boxy top in the comments! Plus what do you think of how I styled mine?!

Top │Mr Price

Denim │ @vintagedenimm

Courts │ Atmosphere

Cap │ Gifted Thank you John

Bag │ Mum’s

Handcandy │ Streets of Obalende lol

Photo credit │ @_mnqobi__

See you soon.

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10 thoughts on “How to wear boxy tops 

    1. Oh my. Thank you Funke !
      Its the wall of a school in Ajao Estate, Lagos. Hopefully I can show you whenever you’re in town.
      Thank you stopping by 🙂


  1. This is such a good post! I love boxy tops, but they sometimes look strange on me since I’m too heavy (36DD). These se tips I’m going to remember next time I wear one!


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    1. Yaaay ! I’m glad I could help. They can be dicey to style sometimes. Thank you so much for stopping by. Please tag me when you finally decide to style your boxy top. ♥

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