Nomination: Blogger Recognition Award 

Hey guys !

I’ve been blogging for about eighteen months now, and I’m not sure what Its supposed to feel like. Surely not where I’d like to be, but I can only get better with time.

I think this is my first ever nomination. I want to thank my mother for letting me leave the house to take pictures lol.

According to Al_Yolly, this nomination is a way to be discovered and also to connect and support the blogging community. It is as well a great idea in promoting your own blog and your fellow bloggers. Each nominee is given questions to answer and then in return they nominate other bloggers and give them the same questions to answer.

I’ve been ill, so I’m glad I finally get up to doing this post. I’m psyched that I was  nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you Aaalyolly for nominating me alongside other awesome bloggers. Her blog is simply amazing, especially her poetry which you should totally check out.

  • Rules:

◆ Post the rules

◆ Use the Blogger Recognition Badge on your page

◆ Tell us why you blog

◆ Give two (2) tips for new bloggers

◆ Nominate other bloggers for this award and notify each of them of the nominations.

  • My answers

◆ I blog because I’m obsessed with fashion, and I feel like blogging is a way to write about my obsession. I love to talk about what I’m wearing and how other outfits inspire mine. Its also a great way to do research and learn some more. In addition, I’m a very shy person so writing helps me communicate without speaking 🙂 🙂

◆ Firstly, Be Consistent. This is such a great tip, I feel like I’m talking to myself too. This ultimately helps you grow traffic and lets your audience know when to expect that great content from you. Posting schedules are great, as they help you plan ahead and help keep you in check. I’m dealing with being consistent too, but hey I can only get better.

◆ Secondly, Try to embrace your journey. This is basically knowing your own pace and working with it. Healthy comparison is allowed, so that you can get better. However, unhealthy comparison makes you overthink things and can be destructive.

  • Nominations

I nominate








Thanks for reading guys !

See you soon.





5 thoughts on “Nomination: Blogger Recognition Award 

  1. Hi Benitaijeh,

    This post is really encouraging me to post regularly on my blog. I’m really happy to know that you are blogging for more than 18 months. It seems that your consistency in blogging brings you to this place.

    Congratulations for getting nominated. Stay Blessed!


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