Why V necks should stay in your closet !

Why V necks should stay in your closet !

Even though most of the time we’re trying to catch up with trends, we cannot forget one wardrobe staple everyone owns – a V neck !

V necks might be an unpopular choice, but you probably have one in your wardrobe. Yeah, those shirts with necklines shaped like a V. Without giving the neckline so much thought, you might have gotten a V neck because of how lovely you thought the print was, at least I know that’s what happened the V neck I’m styling in this post.

Why V necks should stay in your closet !

Firstly, V necks give the illusion that your face is longer and angular. I mean who wouldn’t want that ?

People with round or square faces will probably look better in a V neck because it will make their face look oval or angular. However people with diamond or angular faces will risk making their faces look longer.

Why V necks should stay in your closet !
Why V necks should stay in your closet !

V necks can be dressed up or down, depending on what the occasion is. Its great that these tees can be worn by guys too, this is such a valid reason to shop in the guys section.

V necks can be layered, worn as inner wear, with a jacket or a sweater.


V necks can be worn casually with denim and sneakers or ballerina flats.


V necks can be made work appropriate paired with a blazer, black pants / pencil skirt and black courts.


Accessorize with a necklace that ends mid chest and is lower than the point where the V meets.

Why V necks should stay in your closet !Why V necks should stay in your closet !

I paired my stripped V neck with my favorite mini denim skirt and neon mules. I accessorized with hand candy, clear nerd glasses and a black clutch.

Even though we all have our preferences, having tees with different necklines will give you a lot of styles to choose from.

I’d love to read your thoughts on this look. How would you rock this V necked tee ? Do you prefer round necked tees to V necked tees ? Do you have any V necked tee ? Please leave a comment. Thank you !

Image Source : Pinterest

V neck tee│Here

Denim skirt│Here

Heels │ Asos

Clutch│ Random buy

Nerd glasses │Here

Handcandy │ Random buy

Photo credit │ @dare_oguns

See you soon.

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22 thoughts on “Why V necks should stay in your closet !

  1. Me, I’m just here wondering what liver you guys eat to be able to take beautiful pictures out there. And yass girl, V-necks are staying in the closet cos you’re so right about it making our faces (the round-face-gang) more flattering

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. I still get shy, especially when people are around. However I think it gets better with time.
      I know right ! V necks deserve love too
      #RoundFaceGang !!!
      Thank you for stopping by :*


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