What to love about the 90’s inspired tiny sunglasses trend

What to love about the 90's inspired tiny sunglasses trend V

I’m sure you’ve seen these 90s-inspired tiny sunglasses everywhere, yes those really tiny glasses. I hope you love them like I do, because they turn any look from drab to fab. I thought to spill the plug on where you can get these kind of shades, I mean the sun has decided to get hotter, so we might as well slay in these super sexy glasses.

While we’re looking at sunglasses, you might wanna figure out the shape of your face so that you’ll be buying that shades that’ll enhance your best facial features.

What to love about the 90's inspired tiny sunglasses trend V

More often than not, I buy my stuff on the gram cause its super convenient. If you’re like me, you might wanna check out these online shops. I try to stick to a budget, so this means I usually do a comparison before I decide which store to buy from. Their sunglasses range from 1,500 naira to 3,500 naira exclusive of delivery.

@haute.signatures : They’re a budget fashion accessory company, so they also sell other kind of accessories. This means that you have a wide range of options to choose from. Plus they give discounts when you buy three or more 🙂 You’re welcome

@shopenkay : They’re a thrift store and fashion boutique in one, and they have these tiny sunglasses in really fancy colors, maybe you should check them out and see what I mean.

@shop.neen : They’re all about affordable eye-wear fashion, and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here. Here’s a plus, they offer free delivery to University of Lagos.

@shop.tti : They’re into eye wear and jewelry and you’ll probably spend a significant amount of time on their page. Even if you don’t find sunglasses that you like, you’ll get stuck on their gorgeous earrings.

@shopthoniabankz : They’re into classy eye-wear and unique accessories so there’s every reason to check them out. Thank me later 🙂

Let me know if you’re into this trend like I am.

Photo credit : Pinterest

See you soon !

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2 thoughts on “What to love about the 90’s inspired tiny sunglasses trend

  1. Insightful Post, considering that tiny sunglasses are all the rave!. And for anyone else reading you’d definitely find the sunglasses and affordable jewelry you need @shop.tti. Thank you for the mention.

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