Never suffer from bad eyebrows again


So I was having an eyebrow moment in the restroom at the office. Let me elaborate, I had erased both eyebrows and was well on my way to drawing them on again. My colleague saw that I was slowly getting to an ‘I cannot come and go and kill myself place’ and we had an eyebrow struggle conversation. Yes a conversation about drawing eyebrows!

Never suffer from bad eyebrows again
Photo Credit : Pinterest

Someone was actually thinking like me !! I was just glad I wasn’t a lone ranger with my eye brow woes. It can be such a struggle to get the perfect eyebrow, from trying to get the perfect arch to cleaning it just right with a concealer. My eyebrows probably take half of my make up time and that’s putting it lightly, because sometimes it could take all of the make up time that I don’t have *rolls eyes*

Never suffer from bad eyebrows again
Photo Credit : Pinterest

My usual ingredients are an eyebrow pencil, an angled brush, a spoolie brush and concealer. Here’s how I achieve my brows, they may not be perfect but they work.

  • I think that the best way to start is to brush the eyebrows upwards.
  • With an eyebrow pencil {I usually use Davis in colour 18} I outline the bottom part  of the eyebrow.
  • With my eyebrow pencil, I outline the top part of the eyebrow and fill in the eyebrows. I use my eye pencil to shade inside the brow, but brown eye shadow could work too.
  • I use a spoolie {This is a brush that looks like a mascara brush without the mascara of course} to brush the beginning of my brows. This will make the brows lighter at the beginning and much darker towards the middle and the end.
  • Finally I use my concealer with a angled brush to clean under and above the brows, and blend in.

    Never suffer from bad eyebrows again
    Photo Credit : Pinterest

It might be weird but I feel like my left brow is my favorite. Its always easier to draw lol. My right brow can be such a mess ugggh.

I found this post very helpful, you should totally check it out. Alternatively, if you’d rather watch a video, then check this video out and it’s not even up to four minutes long. Winning !

I’d love to know if your eyebrows occasionally give you the ‘I cannot come and go and kill myself feeling’. How do you draw your brows ? Do you have any quick tips to getting the perfect eyebrow ? Do you have a favorite brow ? Let me know in the comment section ! Thank you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Never suffer from bad eyebrows again

  1. I really cannot go and kill myself so I hardly ever draw my brows but on good days I use the tips here and they come out fine. My left brow is also my good brow that right is just a by the way something 😂.
    Thanks for sharing these tips!

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