Secrets to buying a work bag

Its common knowledge that bags are an essential part of our outfits, because they complete our look.

Even though your choice will depend greatly on your occupation, there’s a lot of options to choose from. If you work in a formal organization like I do, it’s very unlikely that you’ll leave home without your bag, just because it’s a mini extension of you, and you’ll need those things to slay at work. Bags should be useful and stylish, but they should be more conservative than flashy.

You should really consider how functional your bag will be. Do you carry your laptop with you most of the time? Will your bag work for both daytime and nighttime?  How do you get to work? Public or Private transport? Do you bring left over work from the office to finish up at home? Do you like to have a lot of stuff in your bag?


Work bags are an everyday necessity so you’ll need to invest in something that’s of good quality. They can be durable and still not cost a fortune. Work bags will be carried at least four out of seven days in a week so it’s only fair that they are of really good quality so they can be used till you actually get tired of them.


Just so we’re sure that your work bag isn’t making your shoulder hurt, you should consider bags with convertible straps. So this means that there are two or more ways to carry your bag which will make sure than if your hands start to hurt from carrying you can hang your bag on your shoulder. I especially like bags that I can hang on my shoulder.


Just so you don’t need to carry an extra bag, you might want to get a bag that’s big enough to contain what you’ll need for a day, but not so big that you can fit a tuber of yam in it. Something moderate would do, just so your bag doesn’t start to carry you instead of the other way around. I also like bags with side pockets and zips inside so I can remember where I’ve dropped certain things like my phone and wallet. I hate looking for things in my bag or looking for anything at all.


You might want to choose a neutral colored bag that will go well with any colors you decide to wear to work on any given day. It’ll save you time switching bags early in the morning or the night before. Black, brown or grey colored bags would work with most outfits so you can carry one bag for a week without switching contents or having to worry if all the colors you’re wearing go well together.

These are the factors I’ll take into consideration when I finally get around to getting a new work bag. I’ve been checking out these stores here, here and here for something that fits into my budget.

Do you have any tips that’ll help me in my quest? What’s the color of your work bag? Where did you get your work bag? Care to hook a sister up?

I’d love to read your thoughts!

Thank you.

See you soon.

With love,



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