Why you need bodysuits

Why you need bodysuits

Bodysuits are surely the perfect piece for the girl who likes to dress down half of the time. They’re very similar to swimsuits, and they literally go with every other thing in your wardrobe.

Why you need bodysuits

I love that they’re a one piece that you can wear more than once and not feel guilty about. Pair a bodysuit with shorts on Friday to the movies, with a skater skirt to a shopping party on Saturday and with a pencil skirt to service on Sunday.

Why you need bodysuits

Bodysuits are appropriate for everything and I’ll attempt to show you how;

  • Wear it like a camisole underneath a suit or with pants to the office;
  • Pair with a mini skirt to brunch with babe;
  • Pair with mum jeans to hangout with the clique;
  • Pair with a midi skirt to a church meeting.Why you need bodysuits

Because bodysuits are a one piece, they’re usually tucked into the bottom you’re wearing them with. You might decide whether or not to wear them with underwear depending on the how comfortable you are and how often you intend to wear it. Be sure to check that your panty lines are not visible.

Why you need bodysuitsWhy you need bodysuits

I paired my black bodysuit with a blue skort, court shoes and a clutch bag. I got the bodysuit in black because I wanted something neutral I could pair with a lot of bottoms and I think 3,000.00 is a great price too. I thought that the colours were perfect together and because they’re plain, I thought to add a patterned clutch to the mix.

Why you need bodysuits

Why you need bodysuits

How much are you willing to pay for a bodysuit though ? Do you have any bodysuits ? How do you like to style them ? Do you intend to get one soon ? How do you feel about this look ?

Bodysuit | Here

Skort | Thrifted similar here

Courts | Atmosphere similar here or here

Purse | Random buy

Photo Credit : @_mnqobi__

See you soon.

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