Why you need a pleated skirt.

Why you need a pleated skirt

You know how we all had pleated skirts when we were much younger because our mothers loved them ? I’m sure there was a time you owned a pleated skirt.

I especially love how graceful pleated skirts are. You can dress them up with strappy sandals and a blouse or dress them down with sneakers and a denim jacket. They’re great with everything else, you just need to decide what look you’re going for.

Because they’re so versatile, I thought to mention places you can wear these skirts to;

  • To service : Pair your pleated skirt with a silk camisole and a blazer. Accessorize with heeled sandals, a clutch and minimal jewelry and you’re off to service on Sunday.
  • To the office : Pair your pleated skirt with a button down chiffon blouse. Add your court shoes to the mix and you’re dressed up for the office.
  • To a dinner party : Pair your pleated skirt with an off-shoulder top. Finish up your look with a clutch, a necklace and metallic strappy sandals.
  • To run errands : Pair your pleated skirt with a round necked tee or a sweater. Add your sneakers to the mix and you’re comfortable enough to run errands.


You might want to pay attention to these tips when you want to style your pleated skirt;

  • Not sure whether to use a belt? Pleated skirts emphasize your waist and you should totally take advantage of that and use a slim belt.
  • Should you tuck your tee in ? Definitely ! Tuck your tee into your skirt and you’ll be sure to highlight your waist.
  • Want to hide some love handles? Pleated skirts are usually light and will help you hide those handles.
  • Want something that can work from day to night? Pleated skirts are versatile and will always be handy. Pair your pleated skirt with a blazer & heels to the office, and in the evening swap your blazer and heels for a camisole and flat sandals.

Why you need a pleated skirt

I paired my pleated skirt with this cami top because the colors complemented each other. I finished up the look with my stripped sandals and black clutch.

What are your thoughts on pleated skirts ? Do you like to wear them ? How do you like to style them ? Do you still own any ? I still have mine from when I was three 🙂

Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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Photo Credit : @_mnqobi__

See you soon.

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