These slingbacks should be your everyday shoes

Slingbacks were so popular in the late nineties, its no surprise like with everything in fashion, these babies are making a comeback. Slingbacks usually have an open back with straps that cross behind the heel or the ankle. They’re perfect for dressy, casual and work outfits and you can be extra with flats, kitten heels or four inch heels.

Closed toe slingbacks with three-four inch heels are my personal work favorite, as they seem to be more comfortable than stilettos and will add the same glam to your work slay. I almost forgot to mention, you can wear them all day as far as you’re wearing your size and the fit is perfect. Closed toe slingbacks are perfect with that work dress, and you can switch to a kitten heeled slingback or a flat open toed slingback with denim.

If you’re still stuck on what to do with a slingback, they pretty much go with almost everything. Of course, if you’d rather create a mental picture of outfits to pair your slingback with, I’ve got you !

  • Wear your slingbacks with denim to run errands
  • Wear your slingbacks with your work outfits
  • Wear your slingbacks with your floral dress for that dinner dare
  • Wear your slingbacks with the skirts you love
  • Wear your slingbacks with pants or shorts, whichever you prefer

I recently got this New look black slingback and got a personal shopper to help pay and deliver to me in Lagos. New look also has a lot of variants you can check out here. Alternatively you can check out online stores here, here, here or here.

What are your thoughts on slingbacks ? Do you currently have any slingbacks ? Do you agree that they’re easy to wear too ?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section and we can have a conversation.

Photo credit : Pinterest

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4 thoughts on “These slingbacks should be your everyday shoes

  1. I’ve always loved sling backs, and I’ve got a pair. A little 3” block heels and it has a playful pattern on it. Thank God they’re back in fashion and I don’t have to feel old school when I wear them to church

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