Why you need white heels

Ever heard the saying give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world ?! Well you should give her white heels to conquer the world in ! Why you need white heels Shoes are such an essential and visible part of our outfits. Some people make shoe contact just after eye contact and you want to always have the right shoes on.

You know how black shoes are basic and go with everything you own. Well, you can literally swap your black or nude heels for white heels and make your look more fun.

Why you need white heels

Nothing’s absolutely wrong with black heels, but here’s why you should have a pair of white heels.

  1. White heels work with almost everything in your wardrobe.
  2. White heels instantly elevate your outfit and make your look sharper.
  3. White heels add a clean pop of color to your outfit.
  4. White heels are the next best thing after your black heels. Why you need white heels

I styled my white heels with a black sleeveless button down blouse, grey frill pants and a chain bag. I wore my white heels because I didn’t want a dull look and I thought a crisp pop of colour would be perfect.

Why you need white heels

I tied my blouse because I was going for a laid back look. Alternatively you could tuck in or fly your shirt and still look really casual. This look will be perfect for drinks with friends or that birthday party you got an invite to. Add a black blazer, tuck in your blouse and you’re all set for the office.

Why you need white heels

What did you think of this outfit ? Do you have white heels ? How do you wear your wear white heels ? Are your white heels next to your black heels in your closet ?

Shirt | Similar Here

Pants | Here

Heels | Similar Here

Bag | Similar Here

Photo credit : @koolbodman

See you soon.

With love,



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