Why you need white heels

Ever heard the saying give a girl the right shoes and she'll conquer the world ?! Well you should give her white heels to conquer the world in ! Shoes are such an essential and visible part of our outfits. Some people make shoe contact just after eye contact and you want to always have … Continue reading Why you need white heels


How to wear double denim

While denim is such a wardrobe staple we can all agree that the denim shirt, sometimes known as the chambray shirt is one piece that doesn't seem to get enough credit. It's such a vital part of a denim on denim ensemble, you can't go wrong with a shirt like this in your wardrobe. Let's … Continue reading How to wear double denim

Why you need a pleated skirt.

You know how we all had pleated skirts when we were much younger because our mothers loved them ? I'm sure there was a time you owned a pleated skirt. I especially love how graceful pleated skirts are. You can dress them up with strappy sandals and a blouse or dress them down with sneakers … Continue reading Why you need a pleated skirt.

The different ways to wear a peplum top

Even though there was a time we wore peplum tops more than we do now, they should remain in your wardrobe. Peplum tops are super stylish and can actually hide that big meal you just had. I like how they highlight the waist and flaunt the feminine physique. The most common way to style a … Continue reading The different ways to wear a peplum top

Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide

I've wanted to own fishnets since I can remember and I still don't know how it took me this long. Even though they're practically fish nets sewn into stockings, there's every reason to try them out, they're so chic and attractive. They're mostly worn under ripped jeans, but there's too many other ways to wear them. … Continue reading Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide