Why V necks should stay in your closet !

Even though most of the time we're trying to catch up with trends, we cannot forget one wardrobe staple everyone owns - a V neck ! V necks might be an unpopular choice, but you probably have one in your wardrobe. Yeah, those shirts with necklines shaped like a V. Without giving the neckline so … Continue reading Why V necks should stay in your closet !

How to wear a cami top

You know that camisole that doesn’t come to mind when you're looking for what to wear ? Well I thought to talk about the other things you can do with it, besides wearing it under that see through top. For the sake of clarity, a camisole can also be referred to as a cami or … Continue reading How to wear a cami top

The different ways to style your scarf

Merry Christmas in advance guys ! Its supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, at least that's what they say. I hope you're making the best of it. I'm sorry I haven't been here like I should, but this life thing happened again.    I'm wearing this grey yarn effect crop top … Continue reading The different ways to style your scarf

Styling Retro x Denim

Retro and denim are like a match made in heaven. Yes, flawless is the word we're looking for *plays Beyonce's flawless* Don't you just love how effortlessly stylish retro shirts are ? I styled another retro shirt in this post here and this skirt here. This piece is one of my favorites. So here's what I … Continue reading Styling Retro x Denim

The Lekki Conservation Centre Visit 

Hey guys, Happy holidays.  How are you living ?   I was basically cajoled into going to the Lekki Conservation Centre. Hi Niyi. The Lekki Conservation Centre has been in existence for over 20 years and is maintained by the NCF , an organisation dedicated to sustainable development and nature conservation. It's located off the … Continue reading The Lekki Conservation Centre Visit