Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide

I've wanted to own fishnets since I can remember and I still don't know how it took me this long. Even though they're practically fish nets sewn into stockings, there's every reason to try them out, they're so chic and attractive. They're mostly worn under ripped jeans, but there's too many other ways to wear them. … Continue reading Do you need fishnets ? Let me help you decide

Totally Grey || Like a boy

Heyy guys, How are you doing ?  I hope this weather is treating you well.  I'm listening to Charlie Puth's we don't talk anymore, and i feel like this should be the sound track to my life right now. Moving on... My tomboy trait is dominant and I've learnt to accept it. Sleeves are rolled, … Continue reading Totally Grey || Like a boy